Online businesses protection and contracts

The digital economy has led to a global shift in ways of do business. Innovations brought along with fintechs, healthtechs, insurtechs, edtechs and legaltechs require suitability both for compliance with legal requirements, such as the Civil Internet Framework, and new regulatory trends, such as the Data Protection Bill, and for Management of new digital risks.

To ensure that there is reliability and good performance, it is also necessary to ensure proper contractual protection, including the implementation of Privacy Policies, Terms of Use, which can and should be done even in the interface of the digital platform itself, through disclaimers and warnings.

Peck Law provides specialized legal advice to make digital projects feasible, not only by pointing out legal risks, but mainly by indicating the technical-legal measures aimed at removing or at least mitigating said risks. In this sense, the work of a Digital Law specialist, capable of understanding technological change, its social and legal effects and ensuring greater protection to the entrepreneur, shareholders and the business itself, consists in:

• Legal analysis of ideas for new digital businesses in compliance with Brazilian laws, supporting incubators and entrepreneurs;
• Legal opinions, technical and legal audits of websites, portals, applications and business environments, including social networks, to verify compliance and risks;
• Drafting and / or review of agreements such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and disclaimers to protect digital businesses;
• Advice for the implementation of best practices and digital governance;
• Analysis of the degree of security of information in the virtual environment;
• Analysis of regulatory, labor and tax impacts applied to new digital businesses.