Digital forensics, civil and criminal litigation

Legal professionals with technical expertise to act in conflict resolution both extrajudicial and judicially, as well as conducting and supporting electronic evidence collection through digital forensics, especially:

  • Legal opinions on the viability of legal strategies and demands;
  • Investigation and verification of identity and responsibility (anonymous email, invasion of infrastructure, offensive posts);
  • Search and seizure of data and equipment;
  • Removal of illegal or improper website contents;
  • Litigating against the misuse, leakage and theft of information;
  • Litigating against unfair business practices;
  • Incidents involving misuse of corporate resources, as well as the unauthorized use of the trademark on the Internet;
  • Litigating against electronic fraud e other cybercrimes;
  • Development of incident response procedures;
  • Treatment of cases involving online consumers;
  • Acting as technical assistants on digital forensics;
  • Legal support for compliance with Brazilian law, tracking regulatory documents, public consultations and managing institutional relations with public authority.