Intellectual property and legal marketing

Intellectual property

In a society based on knowledge and intangible assets, protecting intellectual property, brand name and trademark, even in digital environments, has an even greater importance than before. This protection can be achieved by the registration in the competent Intellectual Property Offices (such as the Brazilian Industrial Property Office – INPI), registrars and social media.

Our highlights:

  • Administrative procedures for the protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, computer programs, concepts, and other;
  • Registration of software technology and know-how transfer agreements with the INPI;
  • Monitoring, interferences, oppositions and cancellation of orders with the INPI;
  • Consulting of copyrights and image rights;
  • Preparation and review of contracts related to intellectual property;
  • Development and implementation of Intellectual Property Policy for businesses and education institutions;
  • Provide support for compliance-related legislation, following regulatory frameworks, public consultations and institutional relationships with authorities.

 Legal marketing

From the great sports events to a simple sales point, nowadays everything goes through digital means, capable of interacting and creating brand fidelity. Because of that, companies must be extremely careful with personality and image rights, copyrights, contractual limitations and the entire set of rules regarding marketing on the Internet and social media. From a commercial promotion, properly authorized by the government bodies, to a simple cultural contest, the success of this marketing action depends directly of the involvement of a Digital Law expert, since the first briefing, optimizing time and results.

Our job involves enabling the creative idea, managing risks and supporting these marketing actions, making them stand out, ensuring innovation is always an element in them.

Our highlights:

  • Legal advice on authorized commercial promotions and cultural contests;
  • Legal advice on social media marketing actions, including those in musical and sportive events;
  • Legal consulting on copyrights and image rights for online and offline marketing campaigns;
  • Development, reviewing and negotiation of contracts along all the chain of providers of the marketing actions;
  • Legal protection for profiles and official applications in social networks, with the development of proper terms of service and privacy policy;
  • Development of Policies for Public Relations on Social Media;
  • Legal support on online customer service;
  • Legal support to government candidates in their use of social media technologies to improve their relations with voters;
  • Legal support for marketing companies, tracking regulatory documents, public consultations and managing institutional relations with public authority
  • Participation in consulting committees and associations on the area of Marketing.