Corporate, M&A and Arbitration

In a globally connected society qualified by intangible assets, technology stands as the competitive base and differential for any business. In this context, it is essential to provide specialized services to companies that seek to enable or consolidate their innovative projects by identifying and analyzing risks, ensuring good corporate governance and legal compliance, aligned with the the business itself, its sector, and with the opportunities they bring.

In recent years, it has been mor and more common for IT to lead mergers and acquisitions transactions. They are complex procedures, in which market aspects mix with regulatory issues and impact business valuation. One has to understand the business to align the strategy and trace the transaction in legal compliance.

Such need arises not only for large companies, but also for startups, especially in acquisitions. We highlight the main activities, combining legal security, technological and economic knowledge:

• Consultancy for corporate matters, from its planning, formation, agreements, reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, constitution of holdings and partnerships;
• Due Diligence for Mergers, Acquisitions of Technology Companies or assets;
• Implementation of Information Security policies and standards to meet compliance requirements.

In any legal business, we can avoid thinking about what a possible solution to a conflict should be. Whether in the corporate aspect or in technology agreements, companies have been looking for quick and balanced solutions.

Arbitration is a conflict resolution mechanism indicated for such situations and it is important that parties chose to use it. The arbitration clause to achieve its full effectiveness must be re-enacted in accordance with the requirements of Law 9.307 / 1996, and it is up to the parties to analyze the regulation and choose the best arbitration center.